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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

We are defined by our thoughts. Whatever we put into our minds, is what shapes our reality. 

Stop and think for a moment and really think about this. Every time you look in the mirror what are you saying to yourself? If i am honest this is a scary reality. 


I didn’t have the greatest Comrades run this year. At 54km I had to pull out due to a bladder infection. It was gruesome and I really wasn’t in the greatest space. I was bitterly  disappointed and this is not an emotion I process well. However, after taking a bit of time to recover I am back on the road and determined to have a better run in 2018. In the new year the running mileage ramps up so at the moment it is about strength training and maintenance runs. I am working in the gym and every time I I look in the mirror I find myself being really critical of my body. It is subconscious and almost automatic. My thoughts sound something like this “Argggg look at those thighs, you need to slim down” or “Arggg I really need to get rid of the wobbly arms”.


Now remember, our thoughts influence our reality. I am certainly not helping myself by entertaining this negative commentary in my own head! What if ever time I looked in the mirror I changed what I was telling myself? Maybe something like “Strong arms, strong legs, strong mind”!  Would I achieve a better Comrades marathon… possibly. Would I start to cultivate better thinking patterns? Yes, definitely.


Being content in your own skin seems to be the holy grail that we never actually find. We are conditioned to think that if we are little bit skinnier, tanned or toned that we will be happy with our ourselves. The reality is that day may never come. We can however stop holding yourself to unrealistic standards. 


I have decided to make a conscious effort to change my thinking. Every time I have an inkling of a negative thought I am going to replace it. This is not easy thing to change, especially if you have been doing the negative talk for while. It has to be a conscious decision to change.  I don’t subscribe to all the theories of positive thinking but I do believe what we entertain in our minds will become our reality. So start entertaining the right thoughts. Celebrate your strengths. 


Our minds change our behaviour and our behaviour changes the outcomes. Don’t talk about hating your body, rather talk about the wonderful things you are going to achieve in that body of yours. Go out and climb mountains, apply for a new job, run marathons, ride horses or whatever it is you want to do. 


Next time you look in the mirror, what are you going to be saying to yourself?

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