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You have so many choices to make for your wedding; that it seems absolutely overwhelming. These range from choosing the venue, your transport, who to invite, the dress, colour scheme and the list continues endlessly! I can’t solve all of your wedding dilemmas, but the one aspect I can offer some guidance on, is your wedding lingerie. Let me help you find the perfect bridal bra, sleepwear and perhaps something special for your honeymoon! This can be a fun and exciting experience!

 As you embark on this journey of marriage, this is my wish for you:


May you always be warmed by each other’s smile.

Always take the time to walk and talk a while.

Always know deep down you are each other’s best friend.

And enjoy a kind of love that grows and never ends.

Wishing you an always kind of love.





Wedding Lingerie Shopping Tips


  • Decide on your dress, before you shop for your wedding lingerie. It is important to know what neckline you will be having for your dress. Do you need a strapless or a plunge bra? Bear in mind, that various strapless bras offer various amounts of coverage. For example; if you are having a plunge or sweetheart neck line, then you need to consider a Strapless Plunge style.
  • If you are having your dress made, discuss your bra requirements with your designer early in the process. You may not even need a bra! Your designer may suggest building the support into your dress; especially if you have boning in the bodice.
  • Consider your comfort! You are going to be spending many hours in this bra, and you don’t want to be wearing something that hurts or is uncomfortable. If you are unsure, please book a fitting with us or get in contact, so that we can chat through the options with you.
  • Don’t leave things to the last minute! Get in touch with me early on, if you would like advice choosing the right style and size. Contact us


For more traditional wedding lingerie, you may want to consider our Ella Basque, by fantasie or Serenity in the Panache Black range. Alternatively, Evie Bridal  is a lovely strapless bra. Deco Darling is also an extremely popular option. We have some gorgeous Sleepwear options, for your wedding night. There are stunning, sheer chemises and romantic, white chiffon gowns. Go on…spoil yourself, and your other half!




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by Faye Moor – Poetry Weddings and Events


My friend and colleague; Faye Moor, is an exceptional wedding planner and has done some of the most romantic and amazing weddings. I asked her to share some of her top 10 tips, for planning your wedding. Thank you Faye, for sharing your incredible expertise and advice for our Sarah Elizabeth Brides!


Faye pic Poetry Weddings and events


Perhaps you’ve been planning your dream wedding day, since you were a little girl; or perhaps not. Either way, there is a lot more to planning your perfect day than one may think!



Decide on your budget and your ideal number of guests. This will help to direct the process, and prevent it from getting out of hand. 80 – 120 guests are generally the best, if you want to avoid a ‘meet-and-greet’ event from start to finish. Budget an amount per head, as a starting point and keep in mind, that it is difficult to plan on less than about R800 per person, if you want to go all out.



Place these elements, in order of importance. This will ensure, that the most time-consuming aspects are taken care of first.

  • Ceremony
  • Venue
  • Ambiance (the lighting and atmosphere – general ‘look and feel’)
  • Décor
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Music

Now, split your budget according to this ranking. For example; if you have placed food as top importance, then ensure you keep a large portion of the budget for this.



Book your venue, photographer and hair and make-up artists first. These suppliers seem to fill up quickly, so book them early to avoid disappointment.



Who doesn’t like to Pinterest? Well, when it comes to planning your special day, we’d recommend you come up with some ideas first, to help guide the process. It can become very overwhelming and confusing; so have some keywords to get the ball rolling. For example: Vintage, rustic, plum and raspberry, simple elegance etc.



Live music adds a lot to the wedding, and transforms the atmosphere. If budget allows, go for a live performance that is in your style genre. String quartets, jazz duos and live bands are great but remember that if they are playing for longer than 2 hours, it is generally best to play background music during their breaks. Try to always have background music playing throughout the day, because it relaxes your guests.



Delegate, delegate, delegate! Although there are some jobs that you simply have to do yourself, allow others to be involved in the build-up! It will take some pressure off of you, and they will be delighted to have a role to play in your wedding.



One of the most stressful times on the day, can be the family photos. Make a list of about 10 formal shots that you don’t want to miss (i.e. bride, mum and granny) and send it to the photographer. Have another copy of the list printed on the day, and give it to a bossy cousin to round the family members up before their snap is taken. This will speed up the process, and help keep things a bit more organised on the day.



Don’t try to control everything, and ‘don’t sweat the small stuff.’ Those tiny details that only you know about will go unnoticed, if you decide not to worry about it on the day. Just be the bride. The weather is out of your control so don’t fret about it – just have a great Plan B option, if rain is a possibility. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, you’re there to marry the love of your life…no matter the weather!



Build into the Marriage; not just the wedding. Don’t get so wrapped up into the wedding planning details, that you forget to include your fiancé, or to spend any quality time together. The marriage is more important than the wedding day so keep the priorities straight.



Take it all in and enjoy your day. Remember that it’s one of the few occasions when all your friends and family have made a huge effort to come together and celebrate with you. Relax…don’t feel under pressure to be the perfect hostess. Just be yourself and enjoy it!


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