Trying on your bra

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Title_tryingonyourbra Sarah Swainson Okay ladies; so you’ve bought your stunning new bra, and are just about ready to put it on! However; there is a CORRECT way to do this! In order for you to be absolutely sure that the bra fits you properly; gives you the support you need and makes you feel totally confident; use these brief guidelines for putting on your bra properly. This way, we can make sure that the bra is correct for your body shape and has given you #CONFIDENCE WORTH SHARING!







Stand up straight so that you are at your full height.


First unfasten the bra, and adjust the straps accordingly.


Put your arms through the straps, and position the bra so that your breasts fill the cups, and the centre gore rests flat against your chest. Adjust the straps accordingly – they should only hold 10-15% of the weight of the breasts, so that you can easily slip 2 fingers beneath the strap.


Now fasten the clasp at the back ( we advise that you avoid clasping in front, and pulling the band around yourself. This stretches the band, and damages the integrity of the item;  which may then cause the wire to eventually poke out of the seams). In a new bra, you should feel comfortable wearing the band on the last, or second-to-last hook.


Lean forward, and “SCOOP” the breast tissue from underneath your arm into the bra cups. There is a lot of tissue there ladies, so SCOOP! Your breasts should fill the cups without any gaps, or spilling out.


Now, stand up straight again, and do a check! There should be NONE of the following:

  • Gaps above the cups; sides or underneath the underwire
  • Bulges around the edges of the bra
  • Breasts spilling out the bottom of the bra
  • Gap beneath the bra between your breasts
  • Back band rising up above the shoulder blades ( loosen the straps )
  • Straps falling off the shoulders ( tighten straps slightly )


Please remember ladies that we are all different! You never truly know how a bra is going to fit, until you try it on correctly. And although we truly wish that our bras WERE magic, they are there to fit YOUR body as it is. So if you have the correct size, and fitted the bra as instructed above, yet it still does not feel or look right; then it may simply be that you should try out another style or shape. Book a fitting! Let’s have some fun discovering the bra that will give you the confidence you need to feel gorgeous! That’s what we’re here for.




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