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The Best Sports Bra – It will change your life

On my run this morning someone asked me this morning when I started long distance running. I paused for a moment and thought back. It seems like just yesterday, but it turns out that I have been doing this crazy sport for 11 years. I’ve participated in countless marathons, some more memorable than others. When I started running I was about 12kgs heavier than I am today and at least 2-3 cup sizes bigger. Finding a bra that was supportive and kept everything in place was so difficult. I shudder when I think back to what I used to have to run in. A not-so-supportive sports bra, another two tops over that and all to try and reduce the movement of my breasts and avoid the pain and chaffing I experienced during running.


Thankfully many years ago I found one of the things that would revolutionize running for me. The Panache Sports Bra. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to actually find a bra that did what it said it was going to do… be supportive. I have never looked back since putting it on for the first time. I have run many thousands of kilometers in my Panache Sports Bras and still absolutely love them.


Panache releases fashion colours every 6 months and I get so excited to receive the new stock. Selfishly, because when the new shipment arrives I know there is a new bra waiting for me to discover but more importantly I know that my customers will love the new fashion colours and get as excited as I do. This is definitely one of the best Sports Bras on the marketing and every South African women should have one in her wardrobe.


The new fashion colour is called Odyssey Print. It is bright and bold, combining turquoise and yellow and I think is stunning! Although the colour has changed the most important features remain:


  1. Most importantly the Panache Sports Bra minimizes breast movement during exercise.
  2. This reduces the strain placed on your breast tissue during high impact sports like running. Breast pain or discomfort will become a thing of the past. The Panache Sports Bra is specifically designed to protect the connective tissue in your breasts.
  3. It is really important to ensure that your bra band is sitting snugly around your body, limiting the ability for the bra to move when you exercise. This in turn should reduces chaffing. However, please keep in mind that you are doing cardio vascular activity so you don’t want to have it too tight that it limits or impact on your breathing. If you do suffer from chaffing, firstly make sure your bra band is snug. Then you can use a barrier space. I love the Sports Eze, spray on liberally before you put your bra on focusing on areas where you chaff. Read more. Sometimes chaffing is unavoidable, if you find that there is one specific place that you chaff then I suggest a couple of pieces of micropore on the specific area before you put your bra on. The micropore acts as a protection barrier. Avoid using the barrier spray on the area where you want the micropore to stick to your skin.
  4. A good sports bra is there to protects your breast tissue, reducing the opportunity for breast sag later in life. Remember to protect your breast asset and be able to enjoy bounce free exercise.


You can see the new Panache Sports Bra in Odyseey print on the website. We only have limited sizes so don’t delay order yours today. Please remember if you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to get hold of me of facebook, instagram or contact us on the website.


Remember ladies… confidence is worth sharing.


To watch my latest Vlog on the Panache Sports Bra Odyssey Print please click here 


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