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Sports bras and chaffing | Running for a casue

Hello bratastic ladies. Well, its Comrades week and the countdown has began. All the runners, myself included, are starting to get really excited, and more than a bit terrified. This year will be my 7th Comrades marathon and I am starting to really look forward to this Sunday. That is if anyone can really look forward to running 90kms!


I have had a lot of queries from ladies regarding sports bra and chaffing. So I thought it would be helpful to recap what a sports bra is designed to do and some tips on how to avoid chaffing.


A good sports bras main function is to minimise movement and reduce stress on your breast tissue during exercise. Every women’s breasts are supported by Cooper’s Ligaments and if this tissue is permanently stretch it can become damanged and this can lead to sagging. Good support is therefore an essential part of your exercise kit. I would highly recommend the Panache Sports bra for runners or women involved in a high impact sport.


Bear in mind that the main objective is to reduce the strain and movement on your breasts. A good fitting sports bra should also help reduce to eliminate chaff. The fabrics used by Panache, Freya and Elomi are designed to pull moisture away from your skin and therefore help prevent chaff.


However, in my experience, over longer distance like marathons it is very hard for some women to totally eliminate chaffing. However there are some things that you can do to reduce chaffing, the first one is very important.


Make sure that your bra band (the bit around your body) is not too big. Remember you are doing cardiovascular activity so your bra band cannot be too tight. Therefore the word that should come to mind when you are considering your bra band would be SNUG.


It is worth reading our fitting guide to understand what how your bra should fit.

There are also other things that you can try to avoid chaffing.


  1. A good barrier spray – apply liberally before you run. I would recommend the following. You can also use on feet and other parts of your body.
  2. If you have specific areas that you always experience chaff, try applying micropore before you run or apply a barrier spray. This also acts as a barrier.


I hope this help and best of luck with your Comrades journey. It is one incredible run. If you still have any sports bra questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and I will give you personal advice.


Running for a cause

 The handbag Project


This year I alongside 6 other runners from my club, The Dolphin Coast Striders are going to be running Comrades for the victims affected by sexual assault. We will be using the money raise to support of the Hand Bag Project run by the Jes Foord Foundation. This is a cause close to my heart and the stats are staggering. 59 957 cases were reported in 2014/15 and the real figure as many cases go unreported. It affects mainly women and children this type of abuse needs to stop. So every step I take, every hill I climb during our Comrades 2016 run will be run to help these victims.


For every R150 we raise is a handbag to help restore dignity and give hope.


If you would like more information please read Dolphins Unite. There are three ways you can get involved:

  1. Cheer for us on Sunday
  2. Share the our facebook post and create awareness
  3. If you feel moved to support please donate using the reference: Dolphins


The banking details are:-

The Jes Foord Foundation

Nedbank Hillcrest Branch

Branch Code: 133826

Account No: 2338070488

Savings Account


I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all the very best of luck. May it humble you, but also may it be the run of your life!


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