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Panache Sport Bra - black
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Panache Sports Bra in Black

4.5 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

R 1,495

Outstanding performer!

A highly recommended, award winning sports bra. This bra will provide you with a comfortable, supportive fit while exercising.

  • Moulded cups offering support and a defined shape
  • Silicone encased underwires for comfort
  • Significantly reduces bounce
  • Wide, cushioned straps
  • 3 hook fastening
  • Adjustable firm back straps
  • Clip to convert into a racer back
  • Great for high impact exercise
  • Breathable fabric that helps keep wearer dry and comfortable

Colour options

Black (core colour)

Cobalt, Kaleidoscope, Odessey, Neon Pixel



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Sarah E Review

I’ve tried numerous sports bras over the years. As a long distance runner I need a bra that offers me both support and comfort. I run 5 to 6 times a week and have definitely put my Panache Sports Bra to the test. It provides fantastic support, looks and feels great.  I love the colours and the option to change the straps into a racer back. This is definitely one of the best sports bras. 

2 reviews for Panache Sports Bra in Black

  1. 5 out of 5


    The reason I love this bra is the incredible support it gives a larger breasted woman who loves running. It has reinforcement on the cups and importantly in between the breasts which give amazing support when running and it also gives such a good shape. I have never had such good styling in terms of looking good under your running tops which gives you amazing confidence but also giving very good motion control and hold. What I really admire about this bra is that the design has managed to achieve such good support without that heavy feel of most sports bra’s for bigger breasted ladies. This would be my first choice in terms of a sports bra for running.

  2. 4 out of 5


    A resultant competition saw me the lucky recipient of a sports bra voucher compliments of Sarah Elizabeth.
    As a newbie to running this was not only heaven-sent but fortuitous as I was battling to find a sports bra that offered enough comfort without compromising proper support.
    Sarah offered a professional fitting and with her friendly and efficient manner stripping off didn’t feel quite as daunting.
    The first interesting thing that I must point out is that I went up a cup size and down a back size compared to the bra size that I usually wear. This shows the importance of being measured professionally and for this reason I would strongly recommend a professional bra fitting, whether you’re looking to buy a sports bra or not.

    I was given various sports bra options to try based on my high impact activity and somewhat “top heavy” form but I immediately fell in love with the Panache underwire sports bra.
    When put to the test that weekend on my early morning long-ish run all I can say is I have never found a sports bra that feels like this one does. In fact, I completely forgot that gravity doesn’t always work in my favour, as the bra was so comfortable to wear. 
    This sports bra has changed the way I feel about exercising and especially how I feel about my body while I am running.
    I want to hug it and give it a name:)
    The gorgeous neon pixel will be joining my soon to be collection.

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