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Who is Panache?


Crafted for fit. Delivered with style. This catch phrase really sums up Panache for me. They are an outstanding brand and I am so excited to be one of their retailers in South Africa. I hope every South African woman will try a Panache bra for themselves and enjoy the style and comfort that this amazing brand offers. This is a brand dedicated to excellence and creating superior bras for my customers. As a runner, my personal favourite is the award winning Panache Sports Bra and I believe this sports bra is essential for every active woman. I look forward to promoting and being an ambassador for Panache in the South African market. Sarah Elizabeth’s staff remain committed to joining with Panache to educated customers on the importance of breast care and wearing a well-fitting and supportive bra.  – Sarah Elizabeth


Panache Lingerie is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of D plus lingerie. For over 30 years, their commitment to innovation and inspired thinking has gained them an excellent reputation for fit, technical ability, quality and value for money. Their focus has always been about being ‘best in class’ when it comes to D plus lingerie. For Panache it is not just about designing beautiful garments, but also about crafting products that support and enhance different body shapes, continually improving and developing their range to ensure they lead the way in fit, quality, sourcing and manufacturing.


Panache offers Sarah Elizabeth customers a range of lingerie and swimwear brand cratering for every women’s shape and lifestyle, including every day comfort up to a K cup. Panache Sport for ultimate support and Cleo for the young at heart.


Did you know that Panache despatch approximately 2 000 000 bras, briefs and swimwear items in their last financial year to 53 countries. Sarah Elizabeth is proud to be one of the South African retailers for this amazing brand.


What are Panache’s company values?


Panache is a family business with family values. They believe that every woman deserves a bra that fits them perfectly, and all D plus women should have choice that is unbound by her size, enabling her to express herself with confidence.


The D+ commitment


Designing and developing D Plus bra requires a different process to smaller cup sizes. Fuller-busted women have more variations on shapes and sizing, and bras need to be structured differently to deliver the right levels of support. 


Why are Panache experts?


Panache has been making D plus bras for decades, so they have a wealth of insight and knowledge to ensure they improve and develop their range every day. All of their design and development work takes place in the UK, with in-house designers, garment technicians, fabric technicians and machinists, working together to create the next generation on Panache bras.


Most importantly, they use real women for their fit development who test every single style in a variety of styles. This allows fopr real time valuable feedback on styling, comfort and fit.


The Panache Brands – Which Panache brand will you love?


Panache – This is the little black dress of bras – it’s essential for every woman’s wardrobe with a range of simple, modern, timeless designs in classic shapes and colours. Panache bras are designed especially for fuller busted women. Customers are able to choose between Balconett, Plunge, Full cup, Strapless, moulded and multiway styles so there is always a Panache style that will suit a Sarah Elizabeth customer.


The gorgeous Envy from the Panache range is a staple for every woman’s wardrobe >> see more 


Envy bra Panache book bra fitting


Panache Sport – was launched in 20111 and has quickly become one of the most popular and award-winning brans. It is specifically designed for larger busts. Panache sport is the ultimate sports bra, delivery maximum support, comfort and stability. This enables women of all sizes to take part in any sport at any level. 




I love my Panache Sports Bra and it remains my favourite bras for when I am active, whether it be running or horse riding. Highly, highly recommend you try one today. Go shopping >>>


Panache Black – launched in Spring/ Summer 2015 and has recently joined the Panache family. The Panache black collection is a little piece of glamour in your day. It is a sophisticated and timeless collection, offering opulent styles to make our customers feel confident, glamorous and sexy. The range adopts a luxurious colour palette and classic shapes to create stylish, yet refined elegant bras.


MUST have, the gorgeous Aria Plunge in the Panache Black range >> click here


Aria Plunge by Panache Black Mens gift buying ideas


Sculptress – was developed as a beautiful range of lingerie for curvier women, designed for size 14 and up. Sculptress is discreet and flattering but styled to create an alluring silhouette, whist offering outstanding fit, support and comfort.


SEE the gorgeous and popular Chi Chi Bra from Sculptress range >> browse now


Cleo – launch in 2009 is the pretty and playful range of fashion-led lingerie. This vibrant, on-trend collection is designed for more fashion-conscious, colour loving customers or simply the young at heart. The Cleo range uses bright colours, cute patterns and bold prints.


Panache swim – is designed to offer the same comfort and support as our Panache Lingerie range does. Every bikini top, tankini, and swimsuit is bra sized. Panache swim offers a range of simple, beautiful styles designed to flatter every shape. 


Cleo swim – takes the fun and fashion of the cleo brand to the beach or pool. It has a range of bright colours, bold patters and cute detailing. It also offers bra-sized bikini tops, swimsuits and tankinis in a range of styles that offer great support.


Message from John Power, Managing Director of Panache – “Love the fit”

We hope that Panache will continue to be sold by retailers who appreciated all the effort it takes to produce bras in 120 different sizes combinations. We hope to pass our knowledge to customers on the importance of breast care and wearing a well-fitting and supportive bra.

Finally we’d like Panache to be recognised as the brand who truly understand what good lingerie should be about – it may be so comfortable that you forget you’re wearing it, but you’ll never forget to truly appreciate it.


Panache’s vision for the future


“We’re hugely excited about the future for Panache – our aim is to be recognised as brand with integrity and values that will stand the test of time. We hope that our trusted employees will continue on the journey with us, adding their energy and passion to our business goals, and helping us achieve Best in Class in whatever we set out to deliver.





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