Men’s Gift Buying guide

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Contact Us Sarah ElizabethDear Fearful Male Shoppers

 Take a deep breath and relax. Shopping for lingerie can be both fun and rewarding for you and your partner. A lot of women I speak to would absolutely love their husbands/ partners to take the time and effort to buy them this special gift. Lingerie is such a personal gift and therefore sends the message that you care and find your other half both attractive and beautiful!



A couple of years ago my husband, without me knowing, bought me the most beautiful lingerie set. He did his research and was able to buy my exact size. I will never forget how special I felt opening that Christmas present! It can however be a very intimidating process, at Sarah Elizabeth we are here to help. Follow the easy step outlined in the men’s shopping guide or phone and speak to one of our Sarah Elizabeth consultants.


Happy Shopping!





Check the bra size


Wait until your she has left the house or not in the vicinity of her underwear draw. Now get snooping, you are looking for a label on the side of the bra that indicates a letter and a number. For example 38B. The number indicates the back band size while the letter will tell you her cup size.



Step 2 Colour


Look at the colour bras she wears


While snooping through her underwear draw make a note of the colours she wears. Are her bras multi coloured or more practical colours like Black, nude and white? If in doubt we suggest you go for black or nude.





Step 3 Go Shopping

Step 3 Go ShoppingUsing the easy search tools to the left hand side of the product pages enter her back band size (the number for example 38) followed by the cup size (the letter for example D). Depending on the occasion you might chose something that she wouldn’t usually buy for herself. If however, she has asked you for some bras because all of hers are falling apart then don’t get too adventurous.

Another great option is to spoil her with some  gorgeous sleepwear and give her a gift voucher so that she can spoil herself.




Step 4 PaymentOnce you have made your selection, go to the check out, insert your payment and delivery details. You can even choose to have your gift-wrapped and add a personal message. Your gift will then be delivered to the delivery address.

Remember if it doesn’t fit, don’t worry. As long as the labels are still in place and the garment meets our Returns policy she can always swop it.

If at anytime you are not unsure and need some advice don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you make the perfect gift choice. We hope you enjoy this gift on her as much as she does.