Maternity and Nursing Fitting Guide

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You will soon be embarking on become your child’s official “breasturant”. It stays open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and the customers are not always patient or well behaved!


Sarah Elizabeth Nursing Bra Fitting GuideOops



Its a journey involving accidental leaks; cheek-reddening sprays as well as your child mistakenly nuzzling into a pair of breasts that are not yours and trying to feed. This is all part of the journey and for some, breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally and can be tough. Its always good to consult a good Lactation Specialist, and there are also many tools that can make your life slightly easier when breast feeding – like a brilliant nursing bra!


Sarah Elizabeth Nursing Bra Fitting Guide


During pregnancy your body changes. One of the most important requirements for the bra that you wear during this time, is that its able to accommodate these changes. Choose a bra that allows room for your diaphragm to expand during your pregnancy, as well as the ability to tighten after the baby is born while your diaphragm settles again. You will see that most of the nursing bras we stock have 6 hooks allowing for these changes. It is still important that you remain supported and comfortable through this time.


Sarah Elizabeth Nursing Bra Fitting Guide


Most experts will agree that you should be careful or avoid wearing a bra with an under-wire during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Under-wires can sometimes place pressure on the milk ducts and the soft and tender tissue. We advise that you choose carefully and if you decide on a nursing bra with under-wires, then to invest in a quality brand. There are some really good nursing bras that do have a flexi-wire. These are extremely comfortable and provide stunning shape. It is important however, to make sure that you invest in the best bra for you, and to ensure that the milk flow is not blocked, as your ducts can then become infected.


Another common issue during pregnancy is sensitive skin and tender breasts. Look for bras that won’t cause irritation to already sensitive breasts. Try and avoid bras with abrasive seams running over the nipple area as this can cause discomfort.


Sarah Elizabeth Nursing Bra Fitting Guide


During pregnancy, your breasts will change in size and weight. Changes are often noticeable from 3 to 4 months onwards. We recommend that you start exploring bra styles during the rest of your pregnancy and while breast-feeding. If you can, wait until about 7-8 months before you make a purchase – this will give you the most accurate fit. 

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While nursing, ensure you have the right support. It’s not a luxury, it’s an investment in your breast health.  You don’t have to compromise on look – you can still look and feel feminine. Make sure the bra cradles and supports, while allowing you easy access to your breasts when feeding. Some may have side sling support, which means they have added support from the side and allow more skin on skin contact between mother and baby during breast-feeding. We advise that you choose a bra that is adjustable and can accommodate breast development and sensitivity.