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The Life-changing magic of not giving a hoot* about your bikini body!

I was on my way to catch a flight to Cape Town and I quickly stopped into Exclusive Books to get a very serious business book. As I passed the new releases my eye was drawn to a book by Sarah Knight called “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a hoot*”. Now that’s a catchy title! On the spur of the moment I bought it along side a more sedate business book. I’m sure you can guess which one I read on the flight.


Side note: please allow me creative license to use *hoot to replace “F word” otherwise my “fine” jar will be overflowing and your firewalls will be buzzing.


Like most books in this genre you need to take them with a pinch of salt and there might be one or two gems that you can take away. Well on page 53 I found an absolute diamond of a paragraph.


Knight lists 10 things about which she personally doesn’t give a hoot* about:


Number 2: Having a “bikini body”

“The day I stopped giving a hoot* about how I looked in a bathing suit, it was like a litter of kittens in black leotards had tumbled down from heaven to perform “All the Single Ladies” for the sole enjoyment of my thighs and belly. Magical!” (KNIGHT, 2015, The Life-changing…pg.53)


I work with ladies every day and I see first hand the pressure they put themselves under to achieve that ultimate bikini body. It is suffocating. Light bulb moment! More of us should stop giving a hoot* about how we look in a bikini and just focus on enjoying the beach, watching that sunset or swimming with your kids.


However, there is nothing worse that wearing a costume that doesn’t fit. You dive into the pool and as you glide through the water a sense of dread fills you as you think to yourself “When I surface will my bikini top still be in place”?  Or as you walk down the beach you constantly have to dig a wedgy out because your bikini bottom doesn’t have the right amount of coverage.


First step in towards embracing the “not giving a hoot* about your bikini body” go and invest in a good fitting bikini or costume. By now, hopefully you know where to come for one of those (hint: pop into the shop or online). If you don’t, I am not sure why you are subscribed to our mailing list or reading this blog but I hope you are enjoying my ramblings.


Step 2: Once you have gotten great costume that you feel confident in stop worrying about the wobbly bits. We all have them. Go out and get on with life. And if you are one of the ladies that works hard on your body and looks great in a costume then enjoy that too. Well done because you have sweated and sacrificed where some of us didn’t.


Isn’t it great to see a lady just enjoying herself and not worrying about what other’s think? You can spot them from a mile away. They are walking on the beach laughing with their partner, enjoying the moment of playing with their children or running after their mad dogs on the beach (that’s me!).


So ladies, this summer stop worrying about what everyone is thinking about your bikini body. Be kind to yourself. Rather focus on what your body can do and the amazing adventures your could be having.


Go forth and don’t give a hoot* about your bikini body.


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