#challengeyourself Competition

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Get Active #challengeyourself COMPETITION


The Sarah Elizabeth Team Gets Active!


I started a recent team meeting with the following words “I’ve had an idea!” These are the four words that send cold shivers down the spines of my team members. They never know whether they should get excited or run screaming out the door. They smile and nod but are secretly thinking what is she going to rope us into now!


I’m a runner and love to see women active and strong. So I suggested that the Sarah Elizabeth team should embark on a challenge to get active. Thankfully, two of the ladies in our team liked this idea so Louise, our Office Manager, and Annalisa, our Graphic Designer, are now undertaking to train for their first ever 10km! They are starting from scratch and getting active!


I am so excited to share my love of running with them. We also decided to share our journey with you, as so many women will be thinking about getting active in the beginning of next year. Hopefully, we can inspire you to take on your own active challenge or join us. Its time to Get Active and #challengeyourself.


Getting fit is hard. I have always maintained that it is easier if you have a goal, a training programme and some company.


Our Goal – Deloitte Challenge 10 Km on 18 March in Durban. This is a big deal as Louise and Annalisa are not runners and are starting from the beginning. This is a great race and such a fantastic route ending along the Durban Beach front.


The Programme – They are following a training programme that moves gradually from walking to then incorporating running.


Company on the road – The Sarah Elizabeth Team will be training together and you will be seeing many updates from us on how the training is going.


Why don’t you join us? We will publish the upcoming week’s training programme or you can email us on [email protected] and we will send you the full training programme. You can virtually follow the programme and find your own 10km race or if you are in the area enter the Deloitte Challenge on 18 March in Durban and come and run with us.


Get Active #challengeyourself competition:


Win, win, win! Grava Active Wear to the value of R1500.


Enter your details below.


Tell us in the comments section what active challenge you are undertaking and why you are challenging yourself.


Upload a photo of you getting active.


Once we have your details we will touch base with you and see how your challenge is going. Remember to take photos tag us (facebook: @sarahelizabethbras and Instagram: @sarahelizabeth_lingerie and use the #challengeyourself )


Our winner will be the bratastic lady that we think take this challenge to heart and gets active. We will also be looking for her to share her journey with us. The challenge needs to take you outside of your comfort zone. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a running goal but it needs to be a BIG active challenge for you. We are simply looking for someone who commits to a BIG goal, works toward it and gets active!


Our winner will receive an exclusive Grava Active Wear Hamper valued at R1500!


So get active and enter today!


This competition will run from 20 Dec through to 18 March 2018.

Winner will be announced on 23 March 2018 T&C’s apply, prize cannot be exchanged for cash and the judge’s decision is final.