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confidence worth sharing

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

We are defined by our thoughts. Whatever we put into our minds, is what shapes our reality. Stop and think for a moment and really think about this. Every time you look in the mirror what are you saying to yourself? If i am honest this is a scary reality.  I didn’t have the greatest Comrades run this year. At 54km I had to pull out due to a bladder infection. It was gruesome and I really wasn’t in the greatest space. I was bitterly  disappointed and this is not an emotion I process […]

Chrystalle Camisole Wacoal Blue Lag

Stunning Cami – My pick of the week

Hi bratastic ladies, I’ve decided to start a segment called “Sarah’s pick of the week”. As I see the new season start I have once  fallen in love again with sleep wear, bras, camisoles and items that make women feel feminine and want to share this with you. This segment is design to really to highlight a bra, swimwear and sleepwear options that you may not have considered for yourself. With bras I will try and give you my honest feedback and try and help you make good purchases. It also […]


Celebrating Women’s Day “like a girl”

I love Women’s Day. You don’t need to convince me that women deserve a holiday completely dedicated to celebrating women. However, I did need to remind myself of the history behind the day. “On 9 August 1956, more than 20 000 South African women of all races staged a march on the Union Buildings in protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act of 1950, commonly referred to as the “pass laws. (source: As you look through the images from that day you see women from all races standing together […]

AfterHours Bralette B.Tempt'd

The most stunning bras and cami’s for sheer tops

I don’t know about you but I love light flowing chiffon tops. When I take them out of my wardrobe there is always the dilemma on what to wear underneath?If I am feeling daring or maybe at an evening function I normally choose just to combine a more shear top with stunning statement bra. The bra then becomes part of the outfit . There are some really beautiful bra options from B.Tempt’d and Wacoal that are definitely designed to be seen. They use cheeky lace detail that adds a contemporary […]

Best ever sports bras

Top 3 Sports Bras – Helping you make the right choice

For active women sports bras are often the bane of our existence. “Bouncing boobs” and painful chaffing in all the wrong places plague us. We try and “beat the bounce” by squashing everything into submission and often land up feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. On most runs chaff is only a step away and has us hopping up and down in the shower as we soon discover those irritating hidden raw patches. I am a long distance runner. I have run countless marathons and 7 Comrades and can really identify with […]

panache-sports bra online-neon-pixel

Why I love my Panache Sports Bra

Most people will be aware that I am a keen runner. Having completed 7 Comrades, trail runs and more kilometres than I care to remember, I feel fairly confident to talk on sports bras. I am intimately acquainted the struggles women face when trying to find a good sports bra. The day I discovered Panache Sports Bras revolutionised my life, and I am not exaggerating. For many women participating in sports and exercise is not an option because they feel so inhibited and self conscious of their breasts. For me, my […]


Elomi – Beautiful Lingerie for the curvier figure

I thought it would be helpful to introduce some of the bra brands that we offer South African ladies looking for gorgeous properly fitting bras. Elomi is a great brand and designed for the curvier figure. They offer curvier or larger breasted ladies beautiful bras and swimwear options. Elomi designers pay enormous attention to detail and really offer ladies some gorgeous options. Options are vast and range from bold prints to bright colours. The bras will offer you unparalleled support and you don’t need to ever wear boring, badly fitting bras.The […]

panache-sports bra-odyssey

The Best Sports Bra – It will change your life

On my run this morning someone asked me this morning when I started long distance running. I paused for a moment and thought back. It seems like just yesterday, but it turns out that I have been doing this crazy sport for 11 years. I’ve participated in countless marathons, some more memorable than others. When I started running I was about 12kgs heavier than I am today and at least 2-3 cup sizes bigger. Finding a bra that was supportive and kept everything in place was so difficult. I shudder […]

The handbag Project

Sports bras and chaffing | Running for a casue

Hello bratastic ladies. Well, its Comrades week and the countdown has began. All the runners, myself included, are starting to get really excited, and more than a bit terrified. This year will be my 7th Comrades marathon and I am starting to really look forward to this Sunday. That is if anyone can really look forward to running 90kms! I have had a lot of queries from ladies regarding sports bra and chaffing. So I thought it would be helpful to recap what a sports bra is designed to do and […]

First bra - body changes

Mom’s be gentle with your daughters

Moms, this is just a gentle reminder that when your daughter starts to develop breasts, tread carefully and treat your daughters with care. Their bodies are changing, but so too is the way they see themselves. The foundation is being laid for their body image. Your words, or even passing comments, impact them so choose them carefully. I see many young girls for fittings at various stages of development. It is a time of adjustment both physically and emotionally. At Sarah Elizabeth we believe that girls should learn to be […]