Care and washing instructions for your bra and delicates

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Sarah Swainson


If you want your lingerie to last you, it’s going to take some extra love and care! Below you can read through some brief, helpful instructions to help you make the most of your delicates!





  • We recommend that you soak your bra in cool water for 5 – 10min first. Then wash your bra or delicate items by hand in warm to cool water, NEVER use very hot water.
  • A cool hand wash will prevent delicate fabrics from being damaged. It also prevents white fabrics from taking on a grey appearance.
  • While you are washing treat delicate fabrics, like lace, with care. Squeeze or pat out excess water, never bend the underwires.
  • Pat out the water with a towel, avoid placing your bra on a direct heat source like a radiator.
  • Machine washing can often damage the fabrics and effect the shape of the bra. It can also be extremely damaging to your machine should the wire come out during a wash.
  • Dry your bras away from the direct heat of tumble dryers or heaters.
  • We highly recommend that you use cleaning products that are specifically designed to wash and care for your lingerie or delicate garments. Avoid fabric softeners.


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