Good Fit vs Bad Fit

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  • The four-boobed look: Your breasts are squashed into the wrong cup size and are cut in half, leaving you with a bulging effect.
  • An under-wire that is not supportive and digs into your flesh.
  • The back band of your bra rides up or down your back.
  • Your straps are too tight and dig into your shoulders.
  • Your straps are too loose and fall off your shoulders.
  • Droopy breasts because you either don’t have the right support or are wearing the wrong kind of bra.





  • Shoulder and/ or back pain or indent marks left by straps. If your straps are too tight, your back band might be too big and not providing you with the correct support. 
  • Underwires that dig into you. Make sure that your bra is neither too big nor too small. Underwires should always sit flush against your skin and should
    not dig into you.








  • Your breasts should be comfortably encased in the cup of the bra and you should feel supported. They should not be falling out of the bra.
  • The back band is providing nearly all the support and is sitting snuggly (not too tight) around your body. It should neither ride up nor
    down. You should be able to slide your finger comfortably under the band.
  • The underwire is supporting your breasts, sits flush against your chest and does not dig in under your arms.
  • A new bra should easily fasten on the loosest hook. Over the life of the bra you may gradually move to a tighter hook to ensure continued support from your back band. If when you try on a new bra you have to go straight for the tightest hook, this bra not for you.
  • The straps are comfortably adjusted and do not dig into your shoulders. Adjust the straps so that you can still easily slip two fingers under the strap.