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Ever wondered why your band keeps riding up or your straps keep slipping off your shoulder?

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” What is the difference between a banded and non-banded bra?”

The band is the portion of the bra that anchors that bra to the body. Remember ladies, this is where your support should come from.  A banded bra means that it has a fabric band that extends beneath the cups. Basically it has an extended bit of fabric under the underwire. This often secures the bra more firmly in place. However, some ladies find this uncomfortable as it may turn up. Banded bras can either have underwires or be soft cups. An example would be the Keira Bra by Goddess.
A Non banded option means that the underwire channels are essentially the bra’s bottom edge, there is no extra bit of fabric at the bottom of the bra. For example the Amelia.
Eveden Elomi Amelia Bandless Spacer Bra Nude
If in doubt or if you need advice, please remember to consult our style and fit guides or contact us. We are always willing to help!

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“What strapless bras would you recommend for larger breasted women?”

The most important point to remember with bras is to make sure your band is supportive and snug but not overwhelmingly tight.
If you are not sure or need some help with regards to our fit why not take a look at our fitting guide. Here is the link so that you can just evaluate your fit and make sure that you are comfortable.
My top three choices would be:
The Smoothing by Elomi is a very popular and I can highly recommend it: 
Another firm favourite is the Mae, by Fantasie 
Mae Strapless Moulded Bra fantasie Eveden white
and finally another great choice is the Evie, by Panache
With strapless bras, your choice also depends on the outfit you plan to wear with it.
It might be worth taking that into consideration.




” I struggle to find bikinis that suit me. I have smaller hips and tend to be really top heavy (I feel out of balance) how can I get a better look? “



The key is to try and balance your body out by accentuating your bottom half rather than your top half. Try and keep your bikini top plain and draw attention to you bottom half. I have three suggestions for you:



Try a bold, but simple, colour halter neck style bikini, this will help your shoulders less broad.



Mix it up – pair a solid top with a printed bottom. One of the advantages of shopping at Sarah Elizabeth for swimwear is that you can mix and match and buy you top and bottom half separately.



Look for a bottom half that has a frill or detail like side ties, beading etc. Any detail will immediately draw the attention of your eyes. It is always good to keep in mind that if you choose a Bikini or swimwear that has detail this is where the focus will be. A good option would be something like the Remix Swimwear from Freya in the Latino Brief which has a flirty, frill detail on the bottoms.


Remix Swimwear from Freya - Latino BriefSculpted Frilled Suit by Remix


AVOID detail on your top half, for example the Sculpted Frill Suit >>
in the same Remix style would be a disaster for someone with an inverted body shape (top heavy). 






FIND out more about shopping for your shape here or to EXPLORE the upcoming season’s swimwear click here


“I have narrow shoulders and the balconnette bras I favour,which otherwise fit me perfectly, have straps that cut into my armpits or fall off.”


Firstly, tighten your straps slightly, however you do not want your strap digging into you, they should only hold 10% of the weight of your breast. Often, the problem relates to the style of the bra and size. 


Now make sure that your band is not too big. If you take your straps off your shoulder does your bra fall down? If your band stays in place (even through your straps are not in place) it is a good indication that your band is the correct size. If your band is too big it will ride up during the day this can then cause your straps can fall off your shoulders. Remember, if you go down a band size then you need to go up in the cup size (if you cups fitted well before). Read more about a good fit here


Make sure that when you put on your bra you scoop all the breast tissue from under the arms and position the back band under the shoulder blade. Now here is the dilemma, ladies with narrow shoulders should try and avoid bras with wide set straps. This means the bra where the straps are attached on the outside of the cup. (Balconnette, Demi or Front closing bras should be avoided). Balconnettes or Balcony bras (the style your like) by definition have wide set straps and less coverage in the top of the cup. A centre pull strap if advisable, this means the strap of the bra is attached more to the centre of the bra cup.


If however you like the Baclonnette style here are some options:


Look for at how the straps come down and where they are attached at the back of the bra. Look for a Balconnette where the straps are attached at an angle and don’t just come straight down your back. You want them to be attached more to the middle of the back of the bra rather than the outside of the bra band.


You can also look  for a  balconnette style that comes with a J-hook, for example the Eclipse Mounded Balcony. Wearing the bra like a racer back can help prevent your straps falling off. 


Another option is to purchase a plastic bra converter clip that will turn any bra into a racer back, these come in various colours.


“Sarah, my underwires keep coming out my bras… always in the center

between my breasts… why is this?”


There are a number of reasons this could be happening:


Underwires that come out your bra could mean your band is too big. Make sure that your back band is not too big or moving around. If the band is constantly moving, the wires will eventually pop through due to the friction.  Make sure that the back band is fitted snugly and the cup size is big enough to accommodate your breasts. Your band should feel snug (not unbearably tight) and give you support. It should not move around your body. When you shop next try a small band and a bigger cup.


How you care for your bras could be a contributing  reason. It is best to hand wash in warm (NOT hot) water and leave to dry. Do not wring your bras out. The material used to sew the underwires in can get damaged and lead to the wires popping through. Here is our recommended care guide. It also may be time to get a new one if your bra is very old.


The last reason could be that the manufacturer has not used the right amount or correct materials to ensure that the wires are properly encased and stay in place. It might be worth changing the brand of bra you are wearing.


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