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About us – Why we do what we do


Shopping for women’s underwear in South Africa can often be a frustrating, humiliating and difficult experience. At Sarah Elizabeth, we are committed to changing that. We offer exquisite imported lingerie, bra and panties that will inspire confidence in women We actively listen to our customers, responding with creativity and innovation to meet their needs and desires. We offer them the opportunity to embrace confidence by wearing perfectly fitted  bras and panties. 


Sarah Elizabeth is an online store specialising in all types of women’s bra, panties as well as sensual lingerie. We focus on bringing a variety of high quality lingerie and sleepwear brands directly to our customers throughout South Africa, at their convenience.


Sarah Elizabeth customers have the opportunity to escape online and explore our exquisite product ranges. Experience has shown, that when you wear something you feel good in, you are more likely to project confidence and positivity. Therefore, because our products feel so good, our customers can face any situation confidently. Our ranges aim to captivate everyone whether they want to be sensual, active or just plain comfortable.


 Sarah Elizabeth (Pty) Ltd has become South Africa’s most trusted supplier of properly fitted women’s underwear including bras and panties, as well as sensual lingerie for that special someone in your life. Enjoy the benefits of shopping at Sarah Elizabeth with our prompt, safe delivery throughout South Africa and safe, secure online shopping.


Our commitment and purpose drive us to push boundaries and deliver great products in the women’s underwear industry, ultimately, creating a better (more confident) world for South African women. You can be assured that you are wearing the best women’s underwear available in South Africa when you purchase your bras and panties from Sarah Elizabeth. Our wide range of underwear offers South African women so many choices in size, style, colour and shape. The options are endless when shopping for panties, bras and lingerie at Sarah Elizabeth – that is what makes it so fun. We believe that an informed customer is a happy and confident customer. The website is full of tips and guides and designed to be your trusted shopping partner. You can trust the experts at Sarah Elizabeth to guide you to the best size and product for your unique body type.


Integrity underpins our actions and leads us to operate transparently in all we do. We therefore remain:

  • Brave and passionate about what we do.
  • Reliable in our commitment to deliver the best products to meet  women’s needs.
  • We do what we say we are going to do.
  • Authentic.  We offer real solutions to real South African women. 



Eclipse Bra in Ombre by Fantasie

Popular Eclipse Bra in Ombre by Fantasie

Susanna Bra in Seabreeze by Fantastie

Susanna Bra in Seabreeze by Fantastie

Neve Strapless by Cleo

Exclusive Stunning Strapless options